Frequently Asked Questions
Q= Can I bring my pets bedding and favorite toys with them for their stay?
A = Yes, but please no bean bags as thay make so much mess if thay get chewed.
Q = How many times do the dogs get to go out in exercise runs during the day?
A = We put dogs out 3 times a day if the weather is good they are out for about 20mins each, in bad weather the time is about 10mins each.
Q = If my pet should become ill during its stay, do thay see there own vet?
A = We try to use your own vet, but if we feel it is an emergency then we get the nearest vet to us to either come out or see the animal straight away, the vet will contact your own vet to get the animals history.
Q = Can I come and look around the kennels and cattery before I book?
A = Yes you can come anytime between 9am - 11am or 4pm - 6pm Monday to Saturday, there is no need to make an appointment.
Q = If my pet was to soil its bedding what happens to it?
A = We have washing machines and tumble dryers, we try to get it back with your pet the same day. 
Q = Can I bring my cats scratch post?
A = Yes as long as as the scratch post is not very large.